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Note: As a general guideline, our young adult community typically reaches those 22-39 while our adult community is usually 40+

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Specialty Groups

Grief Share, Mondays 7pm, Lower Burrell

• Women Only, Michelle Glaser, Wednesday 7pm, Monroeville

• Women Only, Terry Bachner, Wednesday 7pm, Murrysville

• Women Only, Renae Gable, Wednesday 7pm, Plum

• Women Only, Mary Ellen Coxon, Thursdays 1pm, Pittsburgh East Campus (No Childcare)

Fresh Hope, Wednesdays 7pm, East Campus

Art of Marriage, Wednesdays 7pm, East Campus

Life Recovery, Wednesdays 7pm, East Campus

Young Adult Groups


Adult Groups

• Jesse & Barb Lege, Monday 7pm, Vandergrift

• John & Julianne Fehrenbach, Tuesday 7pm, North Huntington

• John Mansfield, Tuesday 7pm, Plum

• Mark & Sarah Winski, Wednesday 7pm, New Kensington

• Rich Miller & Lisa Palmieri, Wednesday 7pm, Monroeville

• Kevin Rump, Wednesday 7pm, Plum

• Chuck Yorio, Wednesday 7pm, Plum

• Pat & Gina McShane, Wednesday 7pm, Pgh East Campus 

• Bryan & Jude Wisniewski, Wednesday 7pm, Plum 

• Dave & Sarah Miller, Thursday 7pm, Plum

• Kim & Tom Glaser, Thursday 7pm, Monroeville 

City Small Groups

Specialty Groups

• Womens Group, Hannah Gregory, Wednesday 7pm, North Side

• Womens Group, Melissa (Molyneaux) McFarland/Zoe Simek, Tuesday, 7pm, Mount Washington

*Childcare is not available for these groups at this time

Young Adult Groups

• Corey & Abbey Grace Jones, Thursday 7pm, Edgewood

• Josh & Anna Clear, Thursday 7pm, North Hills

• Dan & Meghan Dlugos, Thursday 7pm, South Park

• Josh Fischer/Christina Vizza, Monday 7pm, North Side

• Nathaniel Carter, Monday 7pm, North Versailles

• James Sipes/Katie Elicker, Monday 7pm, City Campus*

*Childcare is ONLY available for the Sipes group.

Adult Groups

• Greg & Beth Ross, Thursday 7pm, City Campus

• David & Jamie Dodson, Thursday 7pm, Coraopolis

• Kevin & Christina Monaghan, Tuesday 7pm, City Campus

*Childcare is not available for these groups at this time

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