Amplifying God’s Love for
a New Generation

Our Story


     - Launch – 1976

    Amplify Church started as a Bible study in the home of Senior Pastor Linda Kricher’s parents. Beginning with about a half dozen people, it soon grew to over 40 people in attendance each week. On Easter Sunday 1976, Lee and Linda saw over 90 people gather to hear Lee’s teaching. At that point, they knew that this was no longer a small group Bible study, but an actual church.


     - Building Project – 1982

    After meeting in Plum Creek Hall for several years, Amplify Church purchased property in the early 1980s.  The current 50,000 sq. ft. Pittsburgh East campus was constructed in three phases and was completed in 1989.   It is located on 20 acres of land at 9400 Saltsburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15239.


     - Lee Returns with Jason – 2003

    After Lee left his role as Senior Pastor in 1990, the church experienced a period of decline in the number of people in attendance as well as a rise in the age of the average attender. In an effort to revitalize the church and refocus its vision, Lee asked now Senior Associate Pastor Jason Howard to partner with him as they replaced the statement “If it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for my children” with a question: What will it take to reach the next generation?


     - Launch the City Campus – 2012

    While the Church was thriving, it remained our vision to reach as many people as possible in the City of Pittsburgh. With that goal in mind, Amplify Church launched its first extension campus in the Strip District and soon after acquired and renovated a 5,844 square foot night club where over 500 people experience God each week.


     - Name Change – 2012

    As Amplify Church continued to expand its reach, the name, then Pittsburgh East Community Church, became irrelevant to the Church as a whole. It was then that we transitioned to the name Amplify Church as a representation of our heart to amplify God’s love by growing in His character, extending His invitation, expanding His kingdom, and magnifying His name.


     - Amplify 40th Anniversary

    In 2016, we had the opportunity to celebrate our 40th Anniversary as a Church. Looking back over these past four decades, it is incredible to see how God has used Amplify to make an impact in the world. So in September of 2016, we celebrated everything that God has done, while realigning vision and faith for the future. We are convinced the best is yet to come!


     - Leadership Transition – 2019

    After serving as Senior Pastors of Amplify Church for 30 years, Lee and Linda Kricher handed over the role of Senior Pastors to Jason and AJ Howard. Now Founding Pastors, Lee and Linda continue to serve as coaches and speakers at Amplify. Under their leadership, Amplify grew from a Bible study of 40 members to a church community of over 2,000. Their impact both locally and globally reaches further than we will ever know, and we are grateful beyond words to be living in the wake of their leadership and vision.

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