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Lee and Linda Kricher founded Amplify Church in 1976.  Lee served as Senior Pastor until 1990 and, after 13 years in the field of Leadership Development, returned to that role in 2003.  He is the author of For A New Generation; A Practical Guide For Saving Your Church From Extinction.  Lee earned a Masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  Linda, who earned a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University, is a regular co-speaker with Lee on his international book tour and has served with Lee as an Associate Trainer with John Maxwell’s EQUIP organization.

For a New Generation

“If our children reject the core truths of Christianity, may God have mercy on them.  If our children reject the core truths of Christianity because we have expected and assumed that they would accept our preferred approach to church, then may God have mercy on us.”
-Lee Kricher, For A New Generation

For a New Generation is a guide for churches that want to more effectively reach and continue to reach the next generation.  It is not about changing your church’s statement of faith or core beliefs.  It is about evaluating and changing, as needed, your church’s approach to ministry to make sure that the best days are still ahead.

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