Christmas With Amplify


In ancient Rome, a person’s worth was determined by their power, social status, and wealth. There was no such thing as gender equality, fair wages, or equal opportunity. Most of the population was oppressed. The government was brutal. They were merciless. They literally called themselves ‘gods’.

This was the world Jesus was born into. But God incarnate did not seek fame. Though he was high above any earthly king, he did not consider his status as something to be sought after. Rather, he made himself nothing. His message was one of humility, not self-importance; of generosity, not selfishness; of forgiveness, not retribution.

At a point in history when our world seems so devoid of hope, join us as we share the message that Jesus came to tell you: you are loved. Your power doesn’t come through self-exertion or striving, but through the relentless love of your Father. And he showed us that love not by exacting harsh judgment or strict discipline, but through service, grace, and acceptance. 

This is true power. This will give our world the freedom it so craves. This is the new way to be human.


You are welcome here.

Jesus came to earth to love people, so that’s our goal as well. Our church is a place you can call home, no matter who you are. Wear whatever you want, bring whoever you want, stand or sit, sing or don’t. We just hope you leave knowing that we’re here to support you in this journey of life. During our Christmas worship experiences, we’ll sing traditional Christmas songs and some originals written by our team. We’ll watch some beautiful performances and hear a word from our Pastor. Our kids environments are a bit modified from a normal weekend, so check out the info below to make plans for your little ones.

Regardless of what you’ve experienced in church before, we want you to walk through our doors and feel like you belong. If you’ve got any questions about the Christmas Eve experiences, feel free to email us or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

We can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with you!


Stage AE / December 21

Kids welcome in worship experience. Family Room also available.

Indiana / December 22

Kids welcome in worship experience. Family Room also available.

Pittsburgh East / December 23

Kids programs available for birth – 5th grade.

Pittsburgh East / December 24

Kids programs available for ages 3 and under.

6 Worship Experiences // 3 Locations